how to verify phone number in pi network in india | verify phone number in pi network #linuxtopic

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how to verify phone number in pi network, verify phone number in pi network, verify phone number pi network, pi network, pi network share price
how to verify phone number in pi network

Open Pi Network App in your mobile

Once open the Pi Network application locate the Profile.

Profile :

go to the main menu and click on profile

Account Verification:

In the profile window, scroll down, locate phone number and click on Verify button under the Account Verification section.

Once you will click on verify, in new window we have 2 option based on country  selection from drug down list, in the list India and other country is not available.

To resolve this issue, also we have 2 option

Option 1 - 

if register sim card to Pi Network is inserted on same mobile, tying to verify same number then we will select "Start" button

Option 2 - if  register sim card to Pi Network is on deferent mobile then we will select manual instruction 

Option 1 - START

1 - Be careful, read all terms and condition before do this activity 
2 - App will send one SMS from your registered number to US number
3 - SMS charged will be applicable, depend on your sim carrier 
4 - In my view, we do not use sim which we are using in Bank  / Other.

Once we START, app will ask to send SMS below screenshot, Click on OPEN SMS

In the SMS we will send the 4 digit code to verify our phone number.

1 - Be careful, read all terms and condition before do this activity because we are verifying our mobile by sending SMS
2 - Suggestion, we should our non usable phone number or secondary phone number

After sending the SMS,  Rs 5 has been deducted in my main balance and Received one SMS below

Done!!  here I have been verified my mobile number 

Option 2 - manual instruction - Click here..

Green check means we successfully verified 

Thanks you !! 

I hope this topic gave you all the information you needed. If you have any further questions or would like more detailed directions feel free to contact us using any of the following sources.We look forward to talking to you.


  1. If it is the same phone number as you have link with your bank account then is there a any kind of risk?

  2. My phone number is not verified. I try several times our balance cut 5 times. But my number not verified.

  3. I have not verify my mobile number because country india network and not show

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  5. Thanks for the instructions but I have tried all the thing I can but it still can't work or be verified it keeps loading for hours show me waiting . verification result and still yet won't work I don't know what to do again but I have verified mine Facebook and my Gmail and my password just my phone number remaining

  6. I am also having problem of verify my mobile number....i tried alot but still unverified my number...

  7. Hi have tried several times but my not verified +16508220314 i have send SMS on this no

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