Steps to Configure Network-Router on Openstack using Dashboard - Part 2

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Step 1:

Open Dashboard: Login

User = AdminPwd = 1661bfc512194d92 # see keystonerc_admin
cat /root/keystonerc_admin


Project Window:

Step 2:

Create Subnet for External Network

Go to → Project → Network → Networks
In network Windows  find “linuxtopic-external”  and Press “Add Subnet”

Add Subnet According to your Needs  :

Subnet Name :

Network Address :

IP Version :

Gateway IP :

Add Subnet Details: like DHCP and POOL

After Successfully Adding :

External Network Configured, Now we configure Internal Network for Inside Openstack Communication

Step 3:

Internal Network

Go to → Project → Network → Networks
In Network Window Press  “Create Network” button

Network Name: linuxtopic-internal

Admin State: UP

And Check on Create Subnet

Press “ Next”

Subnet :

Add Subnet According to your Needs  :

Subnet Name: linuxtopic-internal

Network Address:

IP Version: IPv4

Gateway IP:

Subnet Details :

Step 4 :

Create Router :

Go to → Project → Network → Router
Press “Create Router”

Router Name:linuxtopic-router

Admin State : UP

External Network : linuxtopic-external # select using drug-down

After Press “Create Router” Button look like

Now Add Interface :

Click Router “linuxtopic-router”  press Interface tab and again press “Add Interface” button

Subnet: Select from Drug down button

IP Address: Optional you can leave blank

Press “Submit”, Output Like

Ping your External Gateway :

Network Topology :

Go to → Project → Network →Network Topology

End of Network Configuration part 2

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