Important Port number

Important Port number

     Important Port Number list 

   1 . To see the  list of all port

    # vi /etc/services

2 . To see the used port of  of the services

# grep -i  < Service name > /etc/services

[root@khandwa ~]# grep -i mysql /etc/services

mysql                3306/tcp                        # MySQL
mysql                3306/udp                       # MySQL
mysql-cluster    1186/tcp                        # MySQL Cluster Manager
mysql-cluster    1186/udp                       # MySQL Cluster Manager
mysql-cm-agent  1862/tcp                      # MySQL Cluster Manager Agent
mysql-cm-agent  1862/udp                    # MySQL Cluster Manager Agent
mysql-im          2273/tcp                        # MySQL Instance Manager
mysql-im          2273/udp                       # MySQL Instance Manager
mysql-proxy     6446/tcp                        # MySQL Proxy
mysql-proxy     6446/udp                       # MySQL Proxy
sphinxql            9306/tcp                        # Sphinx search server (MySQL listener)

Some Important Port Number  and full form 

Port Port Number Description
FTP 20 file transfer protocol : Transferring data
FTP 21 file transfer protocol : Start connection
SSH 22 Secured Shell
Telnet 23 Remote Administration
SMTP 25 Simple Mail Transfer Protocol : Mail Transfer Agent ( MTA )
DNS 53 Domain Name System
Bootp 67
DHCP 68 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
TFTP 69 Trivial File Transfer Protocol
HTTP 80 Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
Kerberos 88 computer network authentication protocol which works on the basis of 'tickets' to allow nodes communicating over a non-secure network to prove their identity to one another in a secure manner.
POP3 110 Post Office Protocol 3 : Mail delivery Agent
NTP 123 Network Time Protocol
NetBIOS 137 used in Samba
SMB 139 Used in SMB ( smbd )
NetBIOS 139 used datagram
SMBD 445 Post Office Protocol 3 : Mail delivery Agent
IMAP 143 Internet Message Access Protocol
HTTPS 443 Hyper Text Transfer Protocol : used ssl for secure web
Syslogd 514
Ldaps 636
FTPs 989 File Transfer Protocol Secure : used for data transfer
FTPs 990 File Transfer Protocol Secure : used for connection create
IMAPs 993 Internet Message Access Protocol
POP3s 995 Post Office Protocol 3
OpenVPN 1194
Ldaps 636
NFS 2049 Network File System
MySQL 3306 It's a database system
Squid 3128 it's a proxy server

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