Within a minutes share laptop screen with tv chromecast Using Edge | How to Connect Laptop with Android TV Using Chromecast

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Cast Laptop screen on android tv using Edge Browser

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Prerequisites :

    Android TV with Chromecast / TV with Chromecast device 

    Chrome Brower / Microsoft Edge

Part 1 - Chrome Browser  Click Here..
Part 2 - Microsoft Edge

Steps to connect laptop or PC with Chromecast tv

1 - Open Edge Browser on your windows make sure it latest version or up to date, if  you don't have Edge browser,  download it from microsoft.

you can download edge browser from  https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/edge  or click here...

2 - Open Edge Browser in Laptop or PC 

3 - In the right cornor of the browser, click on three dots for more options

Go to the "More tools" and click on "Cast media to device" follow above screenshot 

4 - If we are doing it first time, new pop will display, it is asking to download google extension for chromecast and DIAL device support,  

We will press on "restart" button it will download extension and install automatically 

5 - Once it completed, we will follow point 3 again, 

        three dot ---> More tools --> Cast media to device

 In the above screenshot it will search all available device and display, here "lokesh" is my Motorola Android TV, status is showing  "available" means we can cast our PC/Laptop on this device. 
At the bottom of the above screenshot, Cast option provide 3 sources so we can choose any one "Sources"

There are three source is available in select menu of sources

    1 - Cast tab
    2 - Cast desktop
    3 - Cast file

Cast tab 
By selecting this option we can cast chrome browser, so we will select "Cast tab" and then press on available device like "lokesh" 

Note: In this tutorial we have only one cast device, it can be multiple so select device proper device for casting.

Screenshot of Cast tab 

We can stop casting by pressing "stop casting"

Cast desktop 

by selecting this option we can cast whole desktop 

Screenshot of Cast desktop

Cast file

We can cast any media file by selecting this option 

Once you press on Cast file, it will ask which media file you want to cast, we will select a file for casting and press on available device like "lokesh"

In above screenshot we selected "VID_20190407_090620.mp4"

Thanks you !! 

I hope this topic gave you all the information you needed. If you have any further questions or would like more detailed directions feel free to contact us using any of the following sources. We look forward to talking to you.

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