08 Vim Tutorial - Find Word and Character | Vim Search Text in File

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How to search text or word in vim editor

To find the character in a line 

We will go the default mode and first press f/F from the keyboard  then press character which we want to find like we want to find w, below example

Find Character in Next

Find Character in Previews, like H


To jump to the matching parenthesis or brackets like (, [ or {, it will help full to switch start parenthesis or brackets to end 

Shift + %

To find the next occurrence of the word under cursor with *


To find the previous with #.


To Search text in the file 

In the file we can easily search the text with the help of  / , first we will switch in command mode and type / then we will type the word/text which we want to search

Above example we search none in the file, if we want to repeat the search for next and previous occurrences with n and N, respectively

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