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Vi Editor - Vim Cursor Movement, Vi editor Tutorial

VI Text Editor - Cursor Movements

We can move the cursor with the help of keyboard Arrow key and h,j,k,l key


  • h = Left
  • j  = Down
  • k = Up
  • l  = Right

For the action we will first press "ESC" Key from the keyboard and then press below key 

To move the cursor right side on the first character of the word 

w or W

To move the cursor left side on the first character of the word

b or B

To move cursor to the beginning of current line

To move cursor to the end of current line


To Scroll or Page up

Ctrl + u

To Scroll or Page down

Ctrl + d 

Go to the bottom of the file, or go to the last line of the file

Go to the X line number, for example go to  the line number 10


Go to the top of the file, or go to the first line of the file


Move to the top/middle/bottom of the screen




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