7 Cool Difference Between Apache and Nginx | Who is the Best Apache / Nignx

Question - What is a Difference between Apache and Nginx ?
Question - Nginx VS Apache
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Nginx and Apache both are web server and serve statics and dynamic content using
the browser. 

There are some difference between Apache and Nginx :

Apache ::::
1 - Apache is process bases web server
2 - Apache used one thread per request
3 - Apache use context-switching so its consume more memory
4 - Apache is slow
5 - Apache provides a variety of multiprocessing modules to handle client requests and web traffic
6 - It handles dynamic content within the web server itself.
7 - Modules are dynamically loaded or unloaded

Nginx ::::::
1 - Nginx is Event Based Web server.
2 - Nginx is event driven, so one threat can handle all request
3 - Nignx does not required context switching.
4 - Nginx is Fast
5 - Nginx handle multiple client requests simultaneously with minimal hardware resources
6 - It cannot process dynamic content natively.
7 - The modules cannot be loaded dynamically.  They must be compiled within the core  software itself.


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