How to get wifi password

How to get wifi password

Question : how to get friends wifi password using command ?

Question : hack wifi password using command ?

Step 1

Windows Key + R

Step 2

Open Command Prompt just Type  " cmd "  and hit the enter ( Logon as a Administrator )

 Step 3

Type command :

 netsh wlan show profiles 

Netsh - Command
Wlan  - wireless card
show profiles  - display all connected ssid of wireless

Here  connected wifi network " Iris_4G "

Step 4

We use "Iris_4G"  on blow command

netsh wlan show profiles Iris_4G

Scroll All Information about network

Step 5

Final command

netsh wlan show profiles Iris_4G key=clar

Now Scroll  and  find   Key Content in Security Setting 

Your password key is  [email protected]

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Steve R
October 14, 2017 at 4:05 PM

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