supermicro default factory restore netsecure

supermicro default factory restore netsecure

Question : how to reset super micro net-secure ?

Question : how to default factory restore a net shield ?

Step 1

Power On : Supermicro and frequently press F11

Step 2

Select CD/DVD

Note :- Download ISO image from official site Click Here - CDrec.iso

Step 3

Select Option - Enter Rescue / Restore Mode , local vgs console : Press 2

Step 4

Clear udev network interface associations ? < no > : Press Enter

Start Network Interfaces ? [ no ] : Press Enter

Step 5

Type blow command

cd /etc/recovery


Press Enter To Continue

Again Press Enter To Continue

Do you want to restore disk Press Y and Enter

Are you ready to partition /dev/sda ( No to skip) Press Y and Enter

Now your supermicro restore , it take 5 to 10 min

Got a message

Step 6

Type blow command For Reboot


Video Tutorial on YouTube :

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