get system information

get system information

Question : How to find system information in windows ?

Question : How to get memory, motherboard, hard disk serial no in windows ?

Question : how  to get all information about windrows, command line ?

Question : what is WMIC in windows ?

WMIC is a windows management instrumentation command-line that used for  windows management instrumentation and system managed through WMI.

For this command we can check baseboard , memory, cup, hard disk , Process , and more.

Syntax :

WMIC [global_switches] [/locale:ms_409] <alias> [options] [format]

1 - Open Command Prompt :
             Go to start - run - and type cammand  "cmd"

2 - type "wmic"

3 - Get Help type  "/?"

Some useful alias list :

  • baseboard - Motherboard
  • BIOS        -basic input/output system
  • CDROM   
  • CPU
  • Diskdrive  
  • Memlogical - System Memory
  • Memphysical - Physical Memory
  • Netclient   - Network Client Management

4. Check motherboard information like serialnumber, model number, version, product and more

    just type - baseboard


    baseboard get serialnumber,model,product,version,manufacturer

5. Check Ram information like size , type, capacity and more

    Just type - memorychip

    OR specific info

     memorychip get banklabel, memorytype, speed, capacity

5. Check CPU  All Information

    Type : cpu

    OR specific info

    cpu get name,numberofcores,numberoflogicalprocessore,caption,cupstatus,manufacture

To use Graphical software for system details

1. CPU-Z

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