Interview Question for Linux Administrator ?

Interview Question for Linux Administrator ?

Question 1:

What is boot process in Linux?
Explain Boot Sequence in Linux?

  1.             BIOS

  2.             POST                                                                         
  1th boot device is harddisk |

  3.             HDD

  4.             MBR   

            Boot Loader   
         Partition Table 
           Magic Number  

 5.             SPLASH                   

 6.              GRUB                      

 7.             KERNEL                 

 8.             INITRD                   

 9.              FSTAB                    

 10.           INITTAB                

  11.           RC FILE                 

Question 2:  What different between SSH and Telnet?

SSH                                                                 Telnet

Secure                                                                                 Not Secured
Port 22                                                                                Port 23
Send Data with Encryption Format                                      Send Data on plan text
Used a public key Authentication                                        not use any key

Question 3:  What's different between HTTP and HTTPs?

HTTP                                                              HTTPs

HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol)                                 HTTPs (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure)
Work on Port 80                                                                 Work on port 443      
Use plan text for data transfer                                              Use encryption for data transfer
No certification required                                                      HTTPs need certification

Operates at application layer                                                Operate at transport layer
Question 4:  what's Different between NFS And Samba ?

NFS                                                              SAMBA

NFS is a protocol
SAMBA is a program that provide SMB/CIFS (Server Message Block / Common Internet File System)
NFS work's only Linux Operation System
SAMBA work's both Linux and windows OS
NFS port 2049
SAMBA port 137:netbios, nmbd, 138:smbd, 139:netbios datagram and 445:smbd
NFS Trust by default all and it's not used any authentication
SAMBA used authentication
NFS provides UNIX file system
None Provide
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